Henry Wain needs a vehicle that can cope with the ‘three burly boys’ in the back seats. His budget is £5,000

A car for the head

One major issue for Henry and his family is that they need a large vehicle, even though I believe that they spend most of their time in built-up areas and not covering that many miles. If they need room to spread out then a Kia Sedona would be perfect. The rear seats are split into three rows with a row down the middle, if required. So those boys have plenty of space with up to seven seats. I found a 2005 automatic 2.9 CRDi LE which would be even easier to drive in traffic. All this for £795. 


A car for the heart

Alternatively there is the Ford S-Max which is much more of a full-sized MPV which is nice to drive and pleasing to look at. There is bundles of room in the back especially for any luggage. This is an even bigger proposition but if the family do get adventurous and want to travel around the country or go on holiday, this is far better suited to family life. A 2009 example with the 1.8 TDCi engine (which will do 45 mpg) and in Edge specification costs £4,795 for a tidy example with around 100,000 miles.

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