Kia unveils sporty new concept ahead of Frankfurt show

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Kia has revealed the first pictures of a luxury sports sedan set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

The four-door vehicle marks a significant departure for the Korean brand, sporting a sleek coupe line which would look more at home on a Mercedes-Benz.

But Kia said August 19 that the concept car, which will be officially unveiled in September, showcases a "distinctive new design direction" which signals an all new chapter for the brand.

The rear-wheel drive model could well have performance to match its impressive shape, with reports suggesting it is to include a V8 engine and rear-wheel drive also used in Hyundai's Genesis.

Although no interior pictures were released, the seats appear to be made of leather and there are twin dials visible on the dashboard inside.

With a frontal grille reminiscent of an Aston Martin, the new concept is likely to be about the most aspirational model Kia has ever produced, meaning extra disappointment if - as seems likely - there are no plans to put anything similar into production.

Kia could, however, end up using some of its elements in the Cee'd, which remains one of its most recognizable models and is set to be refreshed next year.

Visitors can see the model at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, which runs September 15-25 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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