This extraordinary car has achieved a record lap at the Nürburgring

It’s no surprise that the Huracan Performante looks more like the Super Trofeo racer, since Lamborghini says the front end is ‘much more aggressive and aligned to a race car’. The figures tend to back up that assertion.

The first figure is 6min 52.01sec. The second is 5sec. The first figure is the lap time of a Huracan Performante round the Nürburgring recently and the second figure is by how much it beat the record set by a Porsche 918 Spyder. So how did this track-focused Lambo do that. Time for some more mouth-watering figures.

The 5.2-litre V10 is the most powerful version the factory has produced, making 631bhp. It weighs in at 1382kg, which means it can pass 62mph in 2.9sec on the way to 202mph. However, this is not just some rev-happy nutter, since 70% of the torque – all 443lb ft of it – is available from only 1000rpm. Perfect for that quick trip to Tesco Metro then.

Power and torque feed through a seven-speed dual-clutch auto transmission to a Haldex permanent four-wheel drive, which comes with a mechanical self-locking rear diff and full electronic control.

The bodywork is made from a new ultra-lightweight forged carbonfibre composite, which is so smart that Lamborghini has patented it. Using this material has allowed the factory to focus on active aerodynamics as the material can make large and complex areas in one piece. For example, the fixed rear wing, including all its air ducts and flaps, is made from a single piece.

On the inside of the wing there is an inner air channel and that splits left and right and each side can be opened or closed. The effect is that, when cornering hard, there is high downforce applied to the inside wheel and low drag to the outer for pushing those limits yet further. How does that compare to a standard Huracan? The Huracan Performante has 750% more downforce. 

Should you decide that you have to have this most track-focused of Lamborghinis, then the good news is that deliveries will start this summer. The price is from £213,000 and the equally good news if you’re in the market is that Lamborghini will not artificially restrict production volume.



Graham Scott is a writer for AutoCar.

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