800bhp for £65,000 – and it’s got the steering wheel on the right side too

Does anybody else remember the days when 400bhp was seen as an impossibly exotic and fearsome power output for a car?

Well, those days are long gone it seems with figures double that now being routinely thrown about the place. The latest car to join the 800bhp club is the Sutton CS800 Mustang.

Clive Sutton’s London NW8-based outfit is a hotbed for American car tuning or indeed RHD conversion and importation, if you want something that’s not on official sale over here. The CS800 comes from Sutton Bespoke Mustang, the part of the business that concentrates on the customisation of Mustangs.

The CS800 is about one thing: speed. Its V8 engine has a Stage 2 Whipple supercharger, a bigger intercooler, new injectors, a bigger throttle body and a completely new exhaust. It all adds up to 800hp.

Three-way adjustable suspension is designed to offer "the optimum balance between stability and comfort". We don’t have the spec for the brakes, but they look bigger than standard. You’d like to hope so anyway. The rather handsome alloys are shod with Bridgestone Potenza 5001 tyres.

Plenty of carbon fibre in the cabin along with new badges, a gearbox short-shifter (it’s still a manual) and Ford Performance Recaro seats that you can’t officially get on UK Mustangs. This is a show vehicle, so it also sports an earbending 1100w audio setup. 

Not everyone will be a fan of the ‘Eleanor reboot’ bodykit from a visual perspective but at least most of the bits are fashioned from carbon fibre. Maybe you could delete that and just take the mechanical parts of the CS800 upgrade. That would be a street sleeper par excellence.

Prices for the CS800 are given as from £64,950.

Tony Middlehurst is a writer for PistonHeads.

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