Out and about in the new all-powerful AMG model from Mercedes

How likely is it that a normal driver is going to experience what it’s like inside the cabin of a new £140,000 GT C Roadster? If you watch the video you’ll find out for free – which is a good deal.

Of course, the only stipulation is that while our Matt is driving and telling you about the car – who said men can’t multitask? – the roof has to be up, otherwise you wouldn’t hear a thing.

That well-insulated drop-top roof keeps a 196mph wind at bay, but it also slightly muffles the glorious sound of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Mercedes-AMG certainly knows how to make such an engine sound fantastic, and you’ll revel in every one of the 550bhp released as the car attacks a range of mountain roads Stateside.

With lines that now more closely follow those of the insanely aggressive GT R, the GT C Roadster is underpinned by a sophisticated platform using aluminium, magnesium and steel, but now with even more composites added to the mix, like for the bootlid. That all sounds a mouth-watering combination.

But will taking the roof off allow even a frisson of shimmy in that rear-view mirror? And will the increase in weight by 70kg – most of it to deal with that roof issue – even slightly blunt the performance and handling response? 

More importantly, the GT C coupe had a couple of minor handling issues, partly to do with the steering, so has the factory managed to address that, or is it now simply worse?



You’ll have to join Matt in the cabin to find out. It’s no hardship, even if he is doing all the driving.

Graham Scott is a writer for AutoCar.

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