Mixed reaction to new luxury hybrid

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Lexus has confirmed that it will launch the long-awaited CT 200h hybrid at the Paris Motor Show - but the initial impressions of the car have disappointed many commentators.

The Toyota-owned brand confirmed September 13 that it would launch the "world's first full hybrid luxury compact hatchback" at the Paris show, touting carbon dioxide emissions of 96g/km and an anticipated fuel economy of 68.9 mpg (European cycle, 42 mpg US EPA combined).

Lexus said that the figures were best in class for the small luxury market, with drivers able to select between Normal, Eco and EV hybrid modes as well as an additional Sport setting.

However, despite the fact that Toyota pioneered the introduction of the modern hybrid with the Prius, bloggers have been quick to criticize the specifications of the new Lexus Model.

Green blog Treehugger described it as a "missed opportunity for Toyota" in an article titled "The Lexus 200h Hybrid Disappoints on MPG."

The "seriously underwhelmed" Motor Authority, meanwhile, pointed out that the 0-60 mph figure of 9.8 seconds was the same as that of the Prius.

The CT 200h will hit European showrooms this year and US showrooms in the first quarter of 2011, although pricing has not been confirmed.



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