Motorcycle theft in the US fell by 13 percent in 2009, according to statistics released April 13.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) said that a total of 56,093 motorbikes were stolen in 2009, down from 64,492 reported in 2008.

Honda was the most stolen brand in the US, accounting for 13,668 of those thefts. Yamaha was in second place, while Suzuki took third. California was the most likely place to have a motorcycle stolen.

However, given that overall motorcycle sales in the US plummeted by over 40 percent in 2009, the NICB says that the fall in thefts may be attributable to the reduction of bikes on the road.

Authorities in Australia have also confirmed that motorcycle theft fell during 2009.

Short term theft (joyriding) fell by 8 percent, although the number of motorcycles stolen for a profit stayed roughly the same.

The most popular theft targets in the US

1. Honda
2. Yamaha
3. Suzuki
4. Kawasaki
5. Harley-Davidson

Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

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