Alfa are taking on what it sees as the 'cold and clinical' German models

Eight new cars in three years – that’s the mouthwatering prospect from Alfa Romeo. And leading that charge will be the new Giulia, which is due in the UK next autumn. It will be aimed squarely at the 3 Series BMW and the C-Class from Merecedes-Benz. Make no mistake, this is an important car for Alfa.

Alfa Romeo are looking to increase sales 600% by the end of 2018, and are investing €5 billion to make that happen. The new Giulia will be part of a global reboot of the company, with a major relaunch in the USA. The Giulia was unveiled at Alfa’s headquarters near Milan.

In a move which looks timely, Alfa are taking on what it sees as the ‘cold and clinical’ German premium models. Indeed, every car, including the new Giulia, will conform to five core Italian principles: innovative engines, even weight distribution, high tech, best-in-class power to weight ratios and defiantly Italian design. They are summing this up with a new slogan to go against the ethos of others, like Audi. The Italian version is: ‘la meccanica delle emozioni’ which really doesn’t need translating.

The Giulia has been developed at a secret location and features some exciting developments. The engine in the flagship Quadrifoglio Verde is a Ferrari-derived V6. The biturbo 3.0-litre pumps out 503bhp and should give a 0-62mph time of under 4.0sec. Other engines look like including four- and six-cylinder turbodiesels as well as a version of the engine used in the current Alfa 4C.

The Giulia is naturally rear-wheel drive, with a new Alfalink rear suspension, a multi-link system that is joined at the front by a double-wishbone set-up. It’s all made of aluminium, like a lot of the car that also features carbonfibre and other lightweight materials.

Keeping it pure, there are not many intrusive electronic systems to get between you and the driving experience, although there is Torque Vectoring in the rear diff, and a new Integrated Brake System. The Giulia is claimed to have the longest wheelbase in class yet the shortest body, which will aid the driver’s enjoyment further.

Design boss of Alfa, Lorenzo Ramacotti, pointed out: ‘Form and function doesn’t meant it’s cold. It’s an Alfa, an object of desire that you experience, not an ornament to look at.’

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