An Olympics number plate? No thanks. I just want some tickets


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"Tell us what you want to hear about this summer," reads the first line of an email from the London 2012 marketing team, "and be in with a chance of winning an Olympic-themed number plate!".

The only reason anyone would have received this digital missive this week is because they applied for tickets to the Games. So the likelihood is that if you got this email, you probably didn't get a seat to watch the men's 100-metre final or a plum spot in the velodrome.

Let's get one thing clear: the only thing I want to hear about this summer from the official Olympics puff squad is that they've found a few spare tickets under the marketing department sofa and they'd like to give me one – or, even better, two. And another thing: an Olympics-themed number plate? Really?

Even given that London 2012 has so far managed to spawn the biggest load of old memorabilia toot ever seen, an Olympics-themed number plate is probably the worst of the lot. Unsubscribe from email? What a winning idea.

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