Aston shows off its iQ

Toyota-based city car to offer true Brit style and luxury
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It sounds like an elaborate hoax, a luxury version of the Toyota iQ to be branded and sold as an Aston Martin. It is true; a small British firm has done a deal with one of the largest car companies in the world to market a luxury city car. Christened "Cygnet" the car will combine mass market engineering with unique styling and interior luxury.

The teaser photo shows an Aston grille has been grafted on between standard iQ headlamps. Other styling cues include vents in the bonnet and front wings. Special wheels are also fitted, which are similar to the wheels fitted to Aston’s other models. The interior will be trimmed at the Gaydon factory alongside the Vantage, DB9 and DBS.

By offering a smaller, more fuel efficient model Aston will reduce its fleet’s average CO2 emissions - useful given forthcoming EU legislation. It will also bring traditional craftsmanship to a new segment of the market. Initially, however, the production Cygnet is likely to be offered to existing customers so as not to dilute the brand’s exclusivity.

There is still work to do before the Cygnet can go on sale but Aston’s chief executive, Dr Ulrich Bez, says that the project could become reality in the not to distant future.

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