Audi is increasing its prices in the UK by an average of 2 per cent from 25 May. The rise is being blamed on exchange rate movements and applies to what are being described as 2011 model year cars – perhaps the most extreme ever misalignment of calendar and model years perpetrated by any car manufacturer.

Compared with, say, Ford's recent rises, though, Audi's increases are very modest. In addition, they do not apply to orders taken before the 25th, nor to new models for which the price has already been announced but which haven't yet gone on sale. That applies to such keenly awaited cars as the A1, RS 5, new A8 and R8 Spyder. UK orders for the A1, at prices from £13,145, are being taken from today, although the first deliveries of Audi's new small model won't take place until much later in the year.

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