BMW to supply cars for 2012 London Olympics

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BMW has been chosen as the automotive partner for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. The company will supply a huge fleet of 4,000 vehicles for the use of competitors and officials during the Games.

One decisive factor in the choice of BMW appears to have been the company's recent emphasis on reducing its cars' CO2 emissions under its Efficient Dynamics programme. Some of BMW's mid-sized cars, such as the latest version of the 320d, produce less CO2 than some other manufacturers' economy specials.

In the absence of a sizeable British-owned car manufacturing group to partner a British Games, BMW is probably the next best thing. Although it left poor old Rover in the lurch back in 2000, BMW owns and continues to invest heavily in two of Britain's great automotive icons, Rolls-Royce and the Mini, and also maintains extensive manufacturing facilities in the UK.

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