Caterham Superlight Twenty: All the 20s for limited edition

You can guess how many cars there will be in the limited production run

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The original Superlight began production in 1996 and now there’s a 20th Anniversary edition, the Superlight Twenty. You can guess how many cars there will be in the extremely limited production run.

The car was launched at the Goodwood Revival and will cost not £20,000 but £29,995 and can be ordered now.

For that you get bare aluminium bodywork, and carbon fibre elements like the cycle wings, rear wings and the nosecone. That’s a 6kg weight saving. To go with that is a 135bhp version of the Ford Sigma 1.6-litre engine, working through a six-speed manual. All this gives a 0-60mph time of 4.9sec and a top end of 122mph.

There’s a special edition plaque and gauges, and the key and gearknob get the motif added. The seats are from the Seven 620 R, with the carbon fibre bases covered in commemorative embroidery. Sitting in there, you are promised an experience which is “raucous”.

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