Citroen unveils next-generation C4

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Citroen has released the first pictures of the second-generation version of its Golf-sized C4, which will be displayed at September's Paris Motor Show, in line with the recent trend for car manufacturers to trail new models well in advance of their launches, rather than springing genuine surprises. The new car won't go on sale in the UK until early next year.

The company hasn't yet published a full specification for the C4 but has lifted the veil on some the new technologies that will be offered - after all, it wouldn’t really be a Citroen if it didn’t offer its fair share of interesting gadgets. As well as a blind spot warning system, the C4 will offer a cornering light function and a new feature called eTouch. This provides emergency assistance and tracks maintenance and servicing requirements, as well as monitoring driver behaviour in order to provide tips in the interests of fuel economy.

Citroen is emphasising that while the new C4 provides a roomy interior, it is only slightly larger than its predecessor, and that weight has been contained. Cars have become much heavier in the last fifteen years or so as manufacturers improve crash safety and add features such as air conditioning and electric windows, but there is a growing realisation that this trend must be halted or even reversed in the interests of fuel consumption and emissions reduction. Citroen says that the new car also contains 15 per cent "green" materials and will be available with a so-called micro-hybrid e-HDI drivetrain with stop-start technology and Michelin Energy Saver tyres.

One of the other points of interest is that the C4 foreshadows the launch of a trendier DS4 sister model; the C3-derived DS3 has already been very well received as a competitor for BMW's Mini.

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