More than 30% of couples admit to "romantic road rage", a survey revealed today.

These motorists have taken to the wheel and driven aggressively after a heated row with their partner, the poll by insurance company More Than found.

As many as 8% of people in a relationship have had a crash following an argument with their partner, the survey also showed.

Based on responses from 1,183 who were in a relationship, the poll also revealed that 36% paid less attention to the road after a row.

Also, 19% said they drove erratically following a lovers' tiff.

More Than said relationship road rage could vary from couples giving each other the silent treatment to heated debate and finally to a blazing row.

More Than spokesman Mark Christer added: "With so many accidents having occurred as a result of romantic road rage, it's vital that drivers understand how getting behind the wheel in an overly emotional state could be the cause of a serious, or even fatal, accident.

"If you've had a blazing row with a partner you will be wound up, distressed and unfocused and that will affect your driving ability."

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