Green motoring finds a new fan


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In Edward Glaeser's totemic 2011 book, The Triumph of the City, he points out that if China were to suburbanise and become as car-dependent as America, the effect on the environment of China's 1.3 billion people driving would be fatal to the environment.

So hurrah then for Chinese farmer Tang Zhenping who's built, for a mere £1,000, the "Blue Hornet" – an electric car made of scrap motorbike, scooter and car parts that's powered(ish) by wind. Sky News's Holly Williams tracked down Zhenping, who says that when the car makes it to 40mph it charges its own battery through a wind-powered turbine attached to its front bumper.

Independent testing may be required to see if the wind does actually produce enough power to enhance the battery but, for now at least, let's assume that it's the Hornet, and not he, that's full of hot air.

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