Infiniti has announced prices for its first diesel model, a variant of the FX SUV. The entry-level FX30d GT will cost £45,150, a premium of just £200 over the cheapest petrol model in the range, the FX37 GT.

The FX30d has a 3.0 litre V6 turbodiesel engine producing 235 horsepower and 550 Newton metres of torque, and is available in all of the trim levels offered for the FX, so prices top out at £51,730 for the FX30d S Premium.

Infiniti is Nissan's luxury brand – its main competitor is Toyota's Lexus operation. While both are well established in the US market, Infiniti has a much shorter history of serving European customers. Both have far less experience with diesels than the European premium manufacturers, as diesels play a far smaller role in the US and Japanese markets than in Europe. Lexus has for some years offered a diesel version of its smallest model, the BMW 3-series-sized IS, but has mainly preferred to rely on its market-leading hybrid technology when it comes to offering customers an economical alternative to its petrol-powered cars. On the other hand, Infiniti has the advantage of being able to draw upon the technical resources of its European partner Renault, which does have a fairly long track record with diesels.3

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