Nissan's luxury brand, Infiniti, is to introduce its first diesel engine, a 3-litre V6. The new power unit will at first be fitted to the company’s EX and FX crossover models, which will be designated EX30d and FX30d respectively. Later, it will also appear in the company's M luxury saloon, which will be badged M30d.

Diesel engines are usually considered essential for market success in Europe, with only a few luxury brands such as Rolls Royce and Bentley continuing to avoid them - although Infiniti's Japanese counterpart, Toyota's luxury marque Lexus, continues to rely mainly on hybrids, except in its smaller cars. Infiniti is almost as old as Lexus but is making a much later start in Europe. It does, though, have the advantage of links with its strategic partner, Renault, which has played an important role in developing Infiniti’s diesel engine, which will be built in France.

The new power unit will produce 238 horsepower and 550 Newton metres of torque. In the EX crossover, it should produce a 0-100kmh (62mph) time of 7.9 seconds and emit 224g/km of CO2 in official emissions tests.

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