Kia prepares to show off new Carens at Paris


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Kia has announced that it will launch the latest Carens at the Paris Motor Show.

The current version of the Carens, Kia's small-to-medium-sized people-carrier, is a solid enough effort but has had the misfortune of being over-shadowed by the company's star car of recent times, the first-generation cee'd, which was launched almost immediately after it and hogged all the glory.

Now, though, it looks as though the Carens might be able to grab a bit of the limelight for itself; early teaser pictures for the new model suggests that it has much lower, sleeker shape than the old one and Kia says it also has a longer wheelbase, which bodes well for interior space.

Kia has made huge strides since the last Carens was introduced, so expect the new one to be a much more serious rival for cars such as the Ford C-Max or Volkswagen Touran.

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