Kia is showing off its curvy third-generation Sportage SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. The all-new model breaks the final link with the Korean manufacturers' awkwardly-styled old-school cars, and shows the sure design touch that has characterised Kia's products since the ground-breaking cee'd was launched some three years ago.

The new car will initially be offered with two-litre petrol and diesel engines, although smaller power units – a 1.7 litre diesel and a 1.6 litre petrol - will also be available later on, along with Kia's version of fuel-saving stop-start technology, branded ISG (Intelligent Stop & Go). The two-litre diesel is part of Kia's new 'R' range of engines, already seen in 2.2 litre form in the company's larger Sorento SUV, where it performs well.

Like several other recently introduced SUVs, including Kia's own Sorento, the next Sportage will be available with or without four-wheel drive; manufacturers seem to have decided that 4x4 systems aren't essential to the success – or credibility - of these cars, which most owners rarely take off-road but value for their space, practicality and raised seating positions.

The Sportage will be built at Kia's modern factory at Zilina in Slovakia and will benefit from the company's now customary seven-year warranty.

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