Mini reinvents the Moke with Beachcomber concept

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BMW's Mini operation has released details of its Beachcomber concept car, which it will show at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit next month. The inspiration is the simple 1960s open-topped Mini-Moke but the new concept, like 2008's Crossover concept, is really designed to show off the possibilities of the larger, more sophisticated new four-door, four-wheel drive model family that will be added to the current Mini range late next year.

The Beachcomber looks great, but BMW has once again chosen to reference, or perhaps "quote", the styling detail of old Mini variants in a rather literal, obvious way, rather than face up to the difficult question of what a truly updated Mini for the twenty-first century might look like – but then again, rolling forward the design of any car that is so obviously retro in its appeal is always going to be a challenge.

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