Motoring: Hey, Justin, need a lift to the O2? Try the new Lamborghini Veneno


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Lamborghini has created a super new car (which could fairly also be called a supercar). The Veneno goes from 0-60mph in less than three seconds, so it could be very useful getting away at the lights.

The bad news is that only three will be made, so bad luck if you felt like spending an undisclosed (vast) sum shaving minutes off the school run with the carbon-fibre monster. So who could make use of the car and has the funds to buy it? Our top three potential customers are:

Mario Balotelli, who has an eye for an ugly vehicle (who could forget his camouflage Bentley?); Prince William, who’ll need a fast car to get the Catherine to the hospital on time in a few months (good luck to her getting in those low-slung doors, though); Justin Bieber, who likes to show off but needs to work on his timekeeping.

Not interested, presumably, is Chris Huhne.

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