Many motorists are guilty of eating and driving, according to a survey out today.

Some late-running drivers finish dressing while at the wheel while others put on make-up, the poll from Co-operative Insurance found.

As many as 53% of the 3,000 people polled admitted eating or consuming soft drinks while driving, with 12% smoking.

Also, 11% prepared for meetings at the wheel, while 7% illegally spoke on mobile phones and 6% put on make-up or got dressed.

The survey showed that 46% of drivers were likely to speed when they were running late, while 43% tended to exceed speed limits when they were in a bad mood.

Drivers also tended to go too fast when they were on motorways, when they needed the toilet and when they were tired travelling to or from work.

Overall, 54% of those polled admitted to irresponsible driving habits.

Grant Mitchell, of Co-operative Insurance, said: "These alarming figures show drivers are unnecessarily increasing the chances of causing or being involved in an accident.

"Taking a sip of a drink or a quick bite of a sandwich while driving may seem harmless. However, the consequence of taking your full concentration off the road could result in a road traffic accident which could change lives forever."

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