New diesels for Peugeot's 407 Coupe

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Peugeot has introduced two new diesel engines for its 407 Coupe. Both are fitted with particulate emissions filters (PEFs) - a technology heavily promoted by the French manufacturers before others took it up, although the engines are joint developments between Peugeot and Ford.

The new 2.0 litre HDi PEF engine provides 163 horsepower compared with the 136 delivered by its predecessor. It emits 140g of CO2 per kilometre and consumes 52.3 mpg on the official combined cycle test.

The new three-litre V6 HDi PEF engine replaces the previous 2.7 litre diesel in Peugeot's range; the basic engine is the same as the V6 diesel used in Jaguars and Land Rovers, and this increase in capacity mirrors that already adopted by the two British manufacturers for their versions. The enlarged engine delivers 241 horsepower (compared with 204 for the 2.7). CO2 emissions are reduced from 225g/km to 189g/km, while fuel consumption, according to official tests, improves by 15 per cent to 39.2mpg over the combined cycle.

The 407 Coupe has never achieved the impact of its predecessor in Peugeot's range, the Pininfarina-designed and built 406 Coupe, which won lots of fans with its Ferrariesque styling. Nevertheless it has won some fans with its understated good looks, solidity and refinement - and these new engines will only help it to win more.

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