New Fiat Panda range goes on sale in the UK


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Fiat's latest Panda range has gone on sale in the UK. The third-generation model is similar in appearance to the previous one but little of the old car is carried over to the new.

The initial line-up includes three engine options; a 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol producing 69 horsepower, which is expected to be the most popular choice, a 0.9 litre two cylinder turbocharged petrol, branded TwinAir, providing 85 horsepower, and a 1.3-litre diesel delivering 75 horsepower. The TwinAir engine can also be ordered in conjunction with Fiat's automated Dualogic gearbox, and will also be available later in the year in a less powerful 65 horsepower version without a turbocharger. CO2 emissions levels are low, ranging from 95g to 120g/km.

There are three trim levels, Pop, Easy and Lounge. The turbocharged TwinAir engine can't be ordered with the cheapest Pop trim but all other engine and trim combinations are offered. Prices start at £8,900 for the 1.2-litre petrol Pop, and extend to £12,250 for a diesel with the plush Lounge package. Air conditioning is standard on the Easy and the Lounge, and is a £525 option on the Pop.

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