Peugeot sharpens up the 308

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Peugeot is introducing a comprehensive series of updates for its Golf-sized 308. The most obvious visual change is a heavily modified and more stylish nose, inspired by the frontal treatment of the company's SR1 concept car. This new look is also shared with the bigger 508 saloon, which will arrive in UK showrooms in the next couple of months.

Under-the-skin changes are equally extensive; all engines meet the latest Euro 5 emissions norms and important safety systems, in particular ESP (electronic safety programme) are also standard across the range. Average weight savings of 25 kg and low rolling resistance tyres will help save a bit of fuel on all models, but eco-conscious buyers will be especially interested in the low-emissions e-HDi variant, which uses stop & start technology and other measures to reduce emissions from its 1.6-litre diesel engine to just 98 g/km.

The revised range of 308s can be seen at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show before they go on sale in the UK from May at prices from £15,245.

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