Porsche to make a hybrid 911

Porsche is working on electric options for its flagship model

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Porsche intends to include a petrol-electric hybrid among the powertrain options for the next 911. The picture shows an impression from Autocar magazine of how such a machine could look.

‘It’s clear that we have to do something,’ says the company’s product boss Erhard Mössle. ‘We have to meet the CO2 regulations in 2020.

‘The technology available is not far away from meeting our goals for such a car in terms of range and charging speed.’

The 911 would join the Cayenne, Panamera and 918 Spyder in offering Porsche buyers a hybrid option. And Stuttgart is also considering a fully electric alternative – though Mössle says such a car would need to make a business case for itself in order to make production.

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