Renault and Porsche are reaching out to customers by introducing new TV services. Renault has taken up its own dedicated channel on the Sky system, while Porsche Experience TV uses the web as a delivery mechanism.

Renault's new TV channel, the imaginatively named Renault TV, appeared yesterday on the Sky system at Channel 883. It will show a range of programming based on subject areas such as the manufacturer's past and current cars, and its motor-sport activities.

While a dedicated TV channel may appear to be a good way of building up contact with customers, this approach also has its challenges. Good television is expensive, so it's difficult to fill an entire TV channel with exciting, high-quality content, as the French car-maker seems to be finding already – one show on this morning's schedule came from “Renault's state-of-the-art showroom in Wolverhampton”, for example. And It's especially difficult to impress UK viewers reared on a diet of Top Gear, a highly entertaining motoring show with exceptionally high production values. Audi launched a similar TV channel to Renault's on Sky in 2005 but this was discontinued in August this year; Audi now offers a web-based service at

Porsche's new TV initiative, Porsche Experience TV, is also based on the web, and concentrates on showing the performance of past and present Porsches tackling the company's handling track at the Silverstone-based Porsche Experience Centre. Porsche has also launched a dedicated channel at YouTube, which can be found at

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