Renault unveils big Latitude saloon

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Renault has shown the first pictures of its handsome new large Latitude saloon, a sister model to the Renault Samsung SM5 sold in Korea. It will be introduced at the Moscow Motor Show in August and the European version will be shown at the Paris Mondial d'Automobile in October.

The main initial markets for the car will be Russia, Turkey, Australia and Mexico, as well as the Gulf, Africa and Asia. So far, Renault has not decided whether to sell the Latitude in the UK. The new car appears to be a more mainstream "international" product than previous big Renaults like the distinctively French Vel Satis, a shift that reflects Renault's own changing character and expanding global links, such as its far-reaching alliance with Nissan.

Full specifications, including engine options, will be released when the Latitude is shown in Paris.

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