By David Wilkins

Renault is showing off the new Coupé-Cabriolet, the sixth body variant of the current Mégane. The new car has a glass folding roof, a feature that gives it a bit more dash than other Golf-class convertibles, although it doesn't appear to be an out-and-out competitor for sportier models such as Audi's TT, in the way that Peugeot's new RCZ is.

In keeping with recent trends, Renault is offering the new cars with diesel as well as petrol engines; until a few years ago, most manufacturers considered diesels to be too noisy and smelly to be offered in convertibles but the latest diesel engines are much more refined than older units.

The new car will be available in the UK from July, although prices have not yet been released. A further Renault convertible model, the smaller Wind, will be introduced shortly afterwards.

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