Another day another hybrid concept car from one of the Japanese manufacturers – this time it's Subaru's turn.

The Hybrid Tourer combines Subaru's traditional (in this case petrol) boxer engine/all-wheel drive layout with two electric motors – one at the front and one at the back. The concept foresees that the Hybrid Tourer would normally be powered by the boxer engine, with the rear electric motor taking over only at start-up and low speeds. The front-mounted electric motor would kick in as required to boost acceleration and hill-climbing performance. The Hybrid Tourer also features Subaru's new Lineartronic automatic gearbox, which is already available in the recently-introduced Legacy.

The Hybrid Tourer's swoopy design, with its dramatic gull-wing doors, represents quite a departure for Subaru, which traditionally produces cars with a rather understated, even staid appearance. There's quite a strong hint of Alfa Brera in the Hybrid Tourer's waistline and tail, while the radiator grille looks slightly Jaguary, although the overall effect is quite pleasing.

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