All future Toyota models worldwide will have a brake override system, the car giant's president announced today.

The move is designed to be a safety precaution following acceleration problems which have led to massive recalls of vehicles.

The system is a mechanism which overrides the accelerator if it and the brake pedal are pressed at the same time.

Toyota Motor Corp chief Akio Toyoda also said the car maker would strengthen its communication among regions to beef up quality checks, appointing an official overseeing quality in each geographical area.

Mr Toyoda told reporters at the company's Tokyo office today that he will head a special committee which is being set up to revamp quality controls and that committee will hold its first meeting on March 30.

Mr Toyoda said he would not attend a US Congressional hearing on the car maker's safety lapses.

He said he wanted to concentrate on beefing up quality controls at the company and Toyota's US executives would answer politicians' questions on the recalls instead.

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