Volvo shows first pictures of sleek V60 estate

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Volvo has released the first pictures of its forthcoming V60, the estate version of the recently-introduced S60.

Volvo intended the S60 to be the first of a new generation of younger, sportier Volvos, and so far its mid-range saloon seems to be living up to the promise. If anything, though, in visual terms, the V60 estate represents an even bigger break with the past, its sleek flowing lines presenting the strongest possible contrast with the boxy Volvo estates of old. In fact, the company effectively concedes that looks have taken precedence over carrying capacity with its advice that buyers looking for the space of a conventional estate car might be better off looking at the XC70 or V70.

The V60 is available with a similar range of engine and transmission options to those offered on the S60; that means a choice of several six and four-cylinder petrol engines and five and four cylinder diesels, including a small 1.6 litre economy-oriented DRIVe version.

Volvo expects to make about 50,000 V60s per year, about 90 per cent of which will be sold to European buyers.

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