The Vauxhall 'Adam'


Clarkson, Hammond and May regularly mock the Kia Cee'd for the oddly placed apostrophe in its name, but now Vauxhall is setting itself up for a Top Gear rubbishing with its new supermini.

The company's planned rival to the Mini is still in development and will go on sale next year. And drum role please: it will be called Adam. Yes, Adam, as in: "Adam, are you coming to the pub tonight?"

The humdrum name was released in a fictional comic strip of Vauxhall's "naming experts" grinning like self-congratulatory idiots. Frankly, the real ones should all be sacked.

It could be worse though, when VW was throwing names around for a limited edition of its new Up it toyed with the name Black Up. It's not too late for Vauxhall to change the name, though. What about Eve?

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