Motoring: You'd be better waiting for the next one

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If you are thinking of buying a new Audi 100, don't - unless you get a thumping big discount. There's a new model coming in August, and it looks better than its predecessor.

The new car, the A6, is essentially a facelifted 100. The front end is smoother and the bumpers are body coloured. It looks for all the world like a little brother to the new A8, Audi's aluminium-bodied luxury car, touted by some specialist mags as 'the best car in the world'. The A8 comes here in September.

The A6 still makes do with a conventional (fully galvanised) steel body, and the engines are the carried-over collection of fours, fives, V6s and the turbodiesel.

No news on pricing yet, but given the relative unpopularity of the 100 (from pounds 17,970) in Britain (few regard it as a serious rival to the BMW 5 series), the A6 is unlikely to be much more expensive .

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