Ford has unveiled its new Focus ECOnetic, promising that the vehicle will be Europe's most fuel efficient compact car.

The new model, which will be officially launched at next week's Amsterdam Motor Show, is expected to use less than 3.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (80 mpg), which Ford says is less than all compacts currently on the market in Europe.

By comparison, the Toyota Prius hybrid is rated at 3.9 l/100km - you'd need to downsize to the tiny Smart ForTwo CDI (3.3l/100km) to do much better.

The efficiency is possible thanks to the 1.6-liter diesel engine having been significantly overhauled for the job, with a new engine management system, a water-cooled intercooler to provide better internal air temperatures and several new low-friction components.

Drivers are unlikely to notice these tweaks of course, but the addition of several other tools such as auto Start-Stop and a "shift indicator light" to help the driver change gear at the right time, will be noticeable.

Eco Mode, a tool developed by Ford to help track and improve driving behavior in search of the most eco-friendly style, is also included as standard.

The Ford Focus ECOnetic will be available in five-door or wagon body styles and is set to be available early next year in the European market, according to Ford.

It will be officially unveiled at the Amsterdam Motor Show, which runs April 13 - 23 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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