NewMax helmet brings Ferrari to two wheels

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Fans of the prancing horse who prefer two wheels have traditionally been rather hard done by, but a new Ferrari helmet means that need no longer be the case - although you'll pay for the privilege.

The new motorcycle helmet, made by NewMax under license from Ferrari, costs €249 and is available from the Italian luxury marque's online store, the latest addition to a licensing empire which spans clothes, mugs, wallets and even a €1,208 chess set.

The helmet is finished in a high gloss cover lined with satin-finished aluminium, but afficioniados will be most pleased with the leather trim and embossed Ferrari logo.

Inside, the fabric is anti-allergic and naturally, the thermoplastic polymer looks pretty solid, although it seems that the helmet itself isn't suitable for use in the United States, Canada or Mexico.

Surprisingly, Ferrari isn't the only luxury four-wheeled brand to turn its hand to helmets.

Porsche Design created a full-face helmet back in the 1970s, which has since been dubbed the "spaceman" helmet thanks to its futuristic, angular design.

The funky models are now available on eBay and considered something of a collector's item - although they're still cheaper than Ferrari's more recent effort.

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