On October 23 Japanese automaker Nissan announced the North American tour schedule for its highly anticipated Leaf EV, commencing in Los Angeles on November 13.

The car will make its North American debut in California and travel to a total of 21 cities across the US and one Canadian stop in Vancouver, BC.

Related events will offer interested drivers, media, civic partners, businesses and university students the chance to learn more about the EV model that is the front-runner to become the mainstream leader of the EV world when it launches worldwide in 2010.

Nissan Leaf North American Tour Dates

Los Angeles:  November 13-17
Orange County, CA:  November 18
San Diego, CA:  November 19-21
Berkeley, CA:  November 23-24
San Francisco:  November 25-29
Santa Rosa, CA:  December 1
Sacramento, CA:  December 1
San Jose, CA:  December 3-6
Seattle, WA:  December 8-12
Vancouver, BC, Canada:  December 14-15
Portland, OR.:  December 17-23
Phoenix/Tucson, AZ:  December 30-January 5
Las Vegas:  January 6
Detroit:  January 11-13
Knoxville/Chattanooga, TN.:  January 16
Middle Tennessee:  January 19-21
Washington, DC:  January 26-28
Raleigh, NC:  January 29
Orlando, FL:  Febreuary 1-2
Houston:  February 5-6
New York City:  February 9-14

Website: www.nissan-zeroemission.com

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