Nissan releases pricing details for LEAF EV

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Nissan has announced pre-order dates and prices for its new LEAF electric vehicle in the US and Japan.

Japanese customers will be able to pre-order the LEAF from April 1, with prices starting at 3.76 million yen (€30,116). Deliveries are set to begin in December.

In the US, customers will be able to preorder from April 20 through the firm's website at

The basic Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the LEAF in the US is $32,780 (€24,450), although this falls to $25,280 (€18,856) after taking government incentives into account. Nissan also confirmed that it would offer a plan based on a monthly lease payment beginning at $349 (€260).

Other markets will announce preorder dates and prices in the coming days.

Nissan's pricing for the LEAF significantly undercuts Mitsubishi, which announced earlier this month that its UK retail price for the iMiev EV would be £33,699 (€37,911). The iMiev is due for delivery on January 1, 2011 and will hit European roads under the Peugeot/Citroen brands by the end of 2010.

However, the car will be more expensive than Toyota's Prius hybrid, which retails for a starting price of just over 2 million yen (€16,019) in Japan and $22,800 (€17,006) in the USA.

Nissan said that its dealers would assist clients with charging points in their home or workplace, as well as installing charging points in Nissan dealerships.

Two hundred dealers (around ten percent) of Nissan's Japanese showrooms will be equipped with a fast charger, capable of charging 80 percent of battery capacity in less than 30 minutes. Nissan said that one quick charge unit should be available within a 40 km radius across Japan.

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