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Meet the teams with a passion for a greener grid

From carbon offsetting to alternative fuels, motorsport is working on solutions to make the sport more energy efficient...

Engineering students provide fuel for thought

It's ironic, really. Walking down the pit lane at Silverstone - the host of the British Grand Prix until next year - I come across a whole host of beautifully designed racing cars surrounded by teams of very serious-looking engineering students...

John Wood: 'Formula Student teaches graduates how to turn theory into practice'

IMechE deputy president and chairman of Formula Student.

Ross Brawn: 'I'm nervous when we hire an engineer without the kind of experience FS gives'

Team principal at Honda F1 and Formula Student patron.

Winning is incredible for the students of Stuttgart Unviersity

It's going to be a year to remember for the students of Stuttgart University, after winning pole position in the IMechE FS event...

A once in a lifetime opportunity for students at the University of Bath

Students at the University of Bath are celebrating after retaining their crown as top UK team at this year's event...

Driving ambition and a degree of excellence is the winning Formula

An engineering job in the glitzy world of Formula One may seem a world away, but the right CV can provide a fast track into the pit lane...

The environmentally friendlier life of Brian

Five years ago a team of girls from Sandbach High School in Cheshire built a racing car using the old aluminium wall bars from the school gym...

Planes, trains and hydrogen-fuelled buses

Zero-emission road travel and cleaner skies are in touching distance. But how much will it cost the consumer?

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