Online games promote safer driving

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Traffic safety organizations in the US and Europe have this week released online games in an effort to promote safer driving from the comfort of the home.

American non-profit organization the AAA (American Automobile Association) Foundation for Traffic Safety has launched the AAA Roadwise Review, designed to allow senior citizens to test their driving health, whether independently or supported by others. The program measures physical and mental abilities in eight key areas shown to be the strongest predictors of crash risk among older drivers. These include leg strength, visualization of missing information, field of view and working memory. No personal data is stored, but the program provides feedback to guide users on their ability to drive safely.

"AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible and mobile thereafter," said Jake Nelson, director of AAA Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research. " Roadwise Review allows seniors to check their driving ability conveniently and confidentially - something that is vitally important as we age."

Meanwhile, the European Traffic Police Network TISPOL, sponsored in part by the European Commission, has provided an online quiz for drivers to check their knowledge of safe driving in winter. The quiz tests drivers on driving styles, road safety and vehicle roadworthiness in winter, providing feedback and guidance for wrong answers. It comes at the same time as a seven-day Europe-wide crackdown on drink/drug driving ahead of the Christmas period.

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