General Motors-owned auto brand Opel/Vauxhall has unveiled a car that could allow drivers to get on the road from the age of 16.

The 'One Euro' concept car, set to debut at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show, is a two-seat model built with low-cost in mind, with the aim of 'revolutionizing urban transport.'

Battery-powered, the tiny car can manage a range of 100 kilometers with a cost of just one euro for electricity, with a maximum speed of 120km/h.

However, Opel adds that this maximum speed could be limited to 45km/h for younger drivers, potentially allowing them to begin driving the low-speed version from the age of 16.

The model weighs around a third of current small vehicles, Opel says, making it agile and fun to drive as well as cheaper to buy than current entry-level vehicles.

Although the model to go on show next week is very much a concept, the brand claims that it has 'production potential' and could create a new class of lightweight, zero-emissions electric vehicles in Europe.

It will be on display, alongside the competing NILS personal transportation concept from Opel's German competitor Volkswagen, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs September 15-25 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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