Orders open for electric vehicle in US

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Nissan has opened up the order books for the Nissan LEAF in the US August 31, according to reports.

The automaker opened reservations back in April, but from Tuesday, drivers will be able to choose options for the vehicle and place firm orders with dealers.

Nissan has been tight-lipped, but a Nissan dealer in Washington leaked the date on the mynissanleaf.com message boards, with several users confirming that the option to request a quote from their local dealer on the reservation portal is now open.

One option offered to buyers who have reserved will be a $700 (€550) fast-charge option, which can recharge the LEAF to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes.

Nissan has 18,000 preorders for the LEAF, a spokesman said, with the car retailing at $32,780 (€25,945).

Across the Atlantic, Nissan's rival Mitsubishi confirmed the changes that will be made to its European-spec i-MiEV, ahead of the vehicle's debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Among them are new bumper designs to meet EU regulations, an improved center stack compared to the Japanese version and improved interior comfort.

Stability control and side and curtain airbags have also been added, said the automaker August 31.

The price of the European-spec i-MiEV will differ by country but will be set to around €33,000 – €35,000, putting the final cost after government incentives under €30,000.



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