Miniature device will also stream unspecified music and video content

Sony’s new media and video game streaming device PlayStation TV will go in sale in the UK later this year for £84.99 according to a new report from T3. But what exactly does this micro-console do – and who might buy it?

The device originally launched in Japan last year but Sony announced at E3 this week that they will be introducing it to European and North American markets later this year with “nearly 1,000 games at launch”.

The black, palm-sized box will also be available as a pricier bundle with an 8GB memory card, HDMI Cable, free copy of the Lego Movie game and DualShock 3 controller (it also works with the PS4’s more recent DualShock 4). However, its main draw will be giving even non-PlayStation owners access to some of Sony’s impressive back catalogue of games.

Although there have been no specific list of what’s on offer, Sony has said that PS TV will offer a “huge library” of games from the PS Vita, PSP and PS One, with PlayStation 3 titles also added to this roster once PlayStation Now (the company’s premium subscription service) launches in Europe.

For customers who already own a PlayStation 4 the PS TV will also offer the extra benefit of remote streaming – allowing users to play PS4 titles anywhere in their house without unplugging their console.

Originally launched as the Vita TV, the PS TV is undoubtedly an interesting concept, straddling the worlds of the micro-console (mainly Android-based devices such as the Ouya) and media-streaming boxes such as the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

It’s not clear what media content Sony will offer (the Japanese edition of the device didn’t even include a YouTube app) but in terms of games there will be absolutely no competition for the PS TV.

 The device certainly isn’t perfect – it can’t stream 1080p content and has extremely limited internal storage – but if Sony can corral even a handful of popular titles for the PS TV’s launch then it should have an instant hit on its hand.

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