Presidential car gets wedged between embassy gates in Ireland: viral video spotlight

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Obama's driver must have been a little embarrassed after getting what looked like the American president's car stuck on a curb and wedging it between the gates of the US Embassy in Dublin in front of a crowd of onlookers on May 23; since then two videos of the incident have gone viral on YouTube.

The 44th US President was visiting Dublin - the capital of the Republic of Ireland - on May 23 when his car and those of his entourage attempted to exit the US Embassy.

What happened next was recorded on video and has since been uploaded to YouTube under the title of " Barack gets car stuck at Dublin Embassy May 23rd 2011."

The first car exits the embassy without any problem, about ten seconds later the second car scrapes the curb, then 15 seconds into the video Obama's car attempts to drive through.

A loud crunch is then heard and the car becomes stuck on the curb wedged between the gates provoking a chorus of oohs and aahs from the crowd of Irish onlookers. The best of the crowd's comments comes around the 50-second mark when a member of the crowd shouts, in a strong Irish accent "nice bit of driving."

With the crowd cheering and whistling Obama's Secret Service detail surround the car, block the crowds and appear to begin transferring the president to another vehicle. However despite blocking the view of onlookers, the Secret Service later denied that it was the president's car but a limo carrying staff.

As of 9am GMT on May 25 the video has attracted 1,483,275 views after being uploaded on May 23, and is ranked sixth in YouTube's 'most watched today' charts'; a second video  titled " Obama's car gets stuck at US embassy," shows a better view of the same incident and has gained 1,466,314 views and charts in seventh place.

"Barack gets car stuck at Dublin Embassy May 23rd 2011" is available to watch at:

"Obama's car gets stuck at US embassy" is available to watch at:




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