Scandinavian automaker under the spotlight in Zurich's new EV store

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To avoid being overshadowed by the imminent release of the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV in Europe, Scandinavian EV brand THINK is following the example of Tesla and hitting the high street.

The electric vehicle maker announced October 25 that it will take center stage in a new concept store dedicated entirely to electric mobility in Zurich, Switzerland.

The outlet is billed as the world's first concept store devoted entirely to electric mobility and has been created by Swiss retail giant Migros to spark interest in its "m-way" EV project.

Visitors to the m-way store will be able to experience electric mobility using multimedia screens, driving simulators, other special exhibits and a library, as well as viewing other electric mobility options such as electric scooters.

Its aim is to showcase a selection of vehicles available to rent, lease or to buy, with the 46,500 CHF (€34,143) THINK City car the star attraction in its lineup.

With nearly 10,000 THINK City cars are already on the road and production about to commence in the US, THINK was in the EV game long before high-profile competitors such as Nissan, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet.

However, its sales presentation has lacked the star-power of its fellow early adopter Tesla (despite the latter selling only a fraction of THINK's total), which famously hired the man behind Apple's retail strategy for its network of stores and has proved a hit with celebs from actor George Clooney and musician to tech executives Sergey Brin and Michael Dell.

California-based Tesla opened its Zurich store in June this year, naming Switzerland as its largest per-capita market with about 50 of its Roadster models sold.

Nissan has also opted to create an electric vehicle space, announcing its Innovation Station at London's O2 center earlier this month to showcase the Nissan LEAF.

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