Suzuki and Mitsubishi ready concepts for Tokyo Motor Show

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The program for the Tokyo Motor Show, opening October 21, is a bit light in comparison with those from previous years, but several Japanese automakers will pull the sheet off innovative end environmentally friendly concept cars.

One of the featured cars will be Suzuki's plug-in hybrid version of its Swift subcompact hatchback, which is already a popular gasoline model in Japan and Europe. The Swift PHV will be able to travel 20 kilometers (12 miles) in electric-only mode, can be plugged in via a standard household outlet and, since the small gas motor recharges the electric motor, drivers should actually have plenty of range at their disposal.

The tongue-twisting SX4-FCV is a hydrogen fuel concept car from Suzuki which is currently being tested in Japan. The company says the car is not far from production but such statements have been made about hydrogen cars before.

Suzuki will also unveil the eighth generation of its popular Alto compact car, promising better mileage and fewer emissions along with a facelift to the interior and exterior.

With the i-MiEV compact, which has been in testing around the world for more than a year, Mitsubishi committed early to the EV (electric vehicle). The Japanese automaker has two new EV concepts it plans to debut at the Tokyo Auto Fair.

Mitsubishi is already accepting orders for its i-MiEV Cargo, which will go on sale in April 2010. The boxy van is intended for commercial use in urban environments, where auto pollution is increasingly regulated.

Also showcased will be a plug-in CUV concept called the PX-MiEV. The crossover will have a 50 kilometer (31 mile) range, has four-wheel drive capability and a safety system that ranges from a "Multi-Around Monitor" to a front-facing camera that detects fatigue, then alerts the driver through a series of visual, audio and "vibrational" warnings.

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