Taiwanese automaker unveils executive MPV

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Taiwanese car manufacturer Luxgen unveiled a new executive car aimed squarely at the premium market October 22.

The firm, which has garnered considerable interest this year for the unveiling of its electric people carrier and subsequent announcement that it will ship internationally from this month, says that its new LUXGEN7 CEO will be its premier flagship and offers "peerless amount of space, luxury, comfort, isolation, technology and refinement."

Occupants in the limousine can enjoy a rear cabin resembling that of a private jet, complete with electronically operated window curtains, a dividing screen from the driver, cooler/heater drinks compartment and an in-vehicle intercom.

The leather Ottoman seats offer pneumatic massage, cushion ventilation and heated seatbacks, while the vehicle has an entertainment system which LUXGEN describes as "cinema-grade" (although the LCD screen measures a fairly compact 10.2 inches).

Pricing details and anticipated availability of the vehicle hasn't yet been announced, but such a prestige vehicle is an interesting direction for the brand, which had previously been assumed to have been targeting the mass market with its three previous family-friendly MPV models.

However, its combination of high-tech gadgets and luxurious interiors could tempt buyers away from traditional executive cars such as Mercedes-Benz E or S Class vehicles or the  BMW 7 Series.


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