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Sharing the road with other vehicles has become more important than ever for car drivers. Generally, the last few years has seen an increase in motorists opting for alternative forms of transport on the road, for reasons such as the rise in fuel costs and environmental concerns – which leaves the road filling up with mopeds, bicycles and motorcycles.

As a car driver, it is inexplicably important to get to know the road all over again -- like it’s never been before -- in order to become a safe contributor to the ever-growing mix of traffic.

It is alarming to note the amount of motorcycle accidents on the road today. Unfortunately, this is partially a result of the incompatibility of cars and motorcycles to drive together. In order to make this better and prevent the accidents being caused, it is important to anticipate every move, to learn how to communicate and expect things from each other.

Visibility is perhaps the main cause of these accidents. A collision will usually take place when the car driver does not see the motorcyclist – which is generally a result of the size of the motorcycle, which often detracts from its presence, hiding it from its fellow motorists. For cars, getting into the habit of considering motorcyclists as part of the traffic flow and checking mirrors twice before changing lanes.

Car drivers must also be constantly aware of the differences in speed and mobility when it comes to motorcycles – especially at intersections. Car drivers must give right of way when expected, double-checking for motorcycles at intersections and taking into account the changes in acceleration. The rapid acceleration and differences in mobility take a lot of getting used to, and are generally cause for many of the accidents seen today.

Car drivers should remember that just because of the size of a motorcycle, motorcyclists still require right to the full lane. When overtaking a motorcycle, cars must be aware of the space and distance between it and the motorcycle. It is crucial not to overcrowd the motorcyclist – as it is his right to the same amount of space as any car. Additionally, try to avoid any early switches the original lanes.

At the same time, car drivers should constantly be aware of the distance that is given to motorcycles when following. Both types of motorist should abide by the two-second following rule – in order not to cause any unnecessary distractions to the driver just ahead. Don’t let the motorcycle be too aware of the presence of the car right behind him.

There are certain problems associated with motorcyclists – such as potholes and mental bridges – which are not really taken into account when driving a car on account of its difference in size. For this reason, car drivers should always be aware of any sudden or haphazard changes made in terms of direction and speed of the motorcycle; like a sudden swerve to avoid a pothole or slowing down suddenly when crossing a grated bridge.

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