Toyota to recall vehicles in Mideast, Africa, Latin America

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Toyota Motor said Tuesday it would expand to the Middle East, Africa and Latin America its global recall over an accelerator pedal problem.

Toyota will recall about 180,000 vehicles imported from the United States and sold in those regions, Toyota spokeswoman Ririko Takeuchi said.

The company is still considering whether it will be a voluntary or compulsory recall in those regions, she added.

Toyota said that condensation - which contributes to the pedal problem - was less likely to build up in hot climates than in the United States and Europe.

The group has identified 40,000 Avalon 2005-2010 and Sequoia 2009-2010 vehicles in the Middle East with the problem pedal.

In addition, 80,000 vehicles in Africa and 60,000 in Latin America are affected, the company said, without specifying which models.

The automaker pulled up to 1.8 million vehicles in Europe Friday, the latest in a series of Toyota recalls that have affected almost eight million cars worldwide - roughly equivalent to the group's entire 2009 global sales.

Along with the sticking pedals, the group is recalling almost 5.3 million US vehicles to replace floor mats that could trap accelerator pedals.



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